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Our COVID-19 Policy

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Adult family care homes are among the safest alternatives as they are a very small setting for elderly care. The limited contacts, small number of residents and staff help keep safety for clients.

It is rare for any COVID-19 cases in adult homes. Blueridge Adult Family Care Home is the leader in adult homes according to visitors, Ombudsman Program, and inspectors in developing a comprehensive set of written plans regarding COVID-19 and implementing them for visitors and caregivers.

  • The front entrance has signs, a table with sanitizers and accessories needed.
  • The inside entrance has visitor log sign in binder with name, date, time and contact information.
  • There is more COVID-19 information wall posters, wipes and sanitizers as well as a designated station for masks to be used for visitors if not already owned and a mask disposal station.
  • Each visitor is questioned for health per the regulations and given a temperature check. Visitors are limited to nurses, visiting podiatrist, visiting doctor and other health care professionals.
  • Families can visit using Zoom, and also Facebook, or Alexa visual phone devices provided.
  • Residents’ visitors are able to visit in the front area as there is a covered porch overhang as long as there is a 6-foot social distance, but of course they must be screened by staff first as well as noted in the visitor log.
  • Caregivers are live-in and the one that is not, are all similarly screened daily.
  • The home was among the first to acquire an extensive supply of all medical needs such as gowns, masks, shields, sanitizers, sprays, disinfectants, disposable gloves, and other items needed and continues to have a large inventory.
  • We do not accept positive COVID-19 patients.
  • We do accept new residents with a mandatory 14-day quarantine in the room, along with a copy of their negative COVID-19 test before admission.
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